Is to help one person at a time return
to the basics of life,
to remove toxicity & chemicals,
to help create harmony in people & in nature.
Prevention is better then cure!

To live in balance with nature.
To help people understand the
damage they do to themselves,
others and mother nature.
To educate our customers & family
about the benefits of using our products.
To be Go Givers in our world.
To Genuinely Care.

My Habitat Products are made & owned by therapist and business woman Kim Sloan and her family,
 based in Millaa Millaa Far North Queensland. 

Kim's Story: Born on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands I had a very inspiring and adventurous upbringing. At age 14 I was gifted, by my parents, two books. The first book was on how to make your own products from home using natural ingredients and the second was Louise Hays book ‘Heal your Life’. My parents knew from when I was quite young that I would follow a path of natural healing, especially when they often found a mess in the kitchen and natural ingredients missing. They soon realised it wasn’t from me wanting to cook the family meal. 

My life’s journey so far has taken me on many paths and places all leading me to various studies in natural therapies, such as massage, reiki, nutrition and the art of creating basic natural products for use in my own home. At 27 I had my first child which produced an overwhelming feeling in me to rid my home of all toxic chemical based products, including the microwave. My family put this down to my maternal nesting process but deep down I knew it was so much more. 

Less than 2 years later my twins arrived and I was now feeling so inspired to educate others of my experience of the benefits to our health by choosing better toxin free alternatives over the mainstream toxic products that people just buy through habit.   
      I soon found people were attracted to my passion and from here I knew my childhood dream was beginning to evolve.

At the end of 2015 my family relocated back to Millaa Millaa on the lovely Atherton Tablelands to be closer to our families and work with an innovative company in the dairy industry, Mungalli Creek Dairy. This is where I learnt about the Biodynamic Principles that Mungalli have successfully implemented on their farm. It opened
my eyes wide to how nature really wants to work and I realised how many people in the world work against this natural process.

April 2016 saw us purchase the ‘My Habitat’ Business from local business woman Carmel Pacey. Carmel had researched and developed a range of unique household products based on pure essential oils to combat our North Queensland environment and illnesses. This resonated with my values, skills, beliefs and deep desire to help people & the environment. I had been lead to Carmel with the same vision of investigating what we used before the introduction of petrochemicals into home products after
World War II. 

My dream from the age of 14 has never changed and our family will continue to help and educate one person at a time on how they can help themselves live a toxin free life, support their environment, while still living life to the fullest & in balance.
Thankyou for taking the time to read our story
Here's to a beautiful balanced life for us all!
Kim Sloan and My Family